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Crosses are found in jewelry such as earings, bracelets, necklaces etc. Ear cleaners are also fashioned into crosses. Traditional shirts and dresses has cross designs emboidered down the front of the dress as well as around the necks.  

In the Northern regions of Ethiopia it was tradition (and still is for some)  for people to tatoo the cross on their foreheads, (even on small children), on the backs of the hands, and even several around the neck like a tatoo necklace for protection and to show their faith.

The photos on this page are only a small glimse into the numerous styles and designs.
I have a passionate love of crosses and so I hope that you will find them pleasing also. I pray to be able to add more photos in the future.

May the Eternal Love of Our Lord  for us be a continuous example for us all.
Crosses made of Bone
Cross Pendant Ears Cleaners
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Some Pendant Crosses are Hinged to Provide Movement
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I worship before the cross of our
Lord Eeyesus Kiristos, which was
sanctified by his precious blood.

I cross my face and all over my
body with the sign of the cross.
Wooden Amulets worn around the neck for Prayer and Protection
                                           PRIEST HAND CROSSES    USED FOR BLESSING THE PEOPLE
These unique processional crosses has Icons
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We who have believed in HIM are Saved by the power of HIS Cross
The Cross is our Might,
The Cross is our Strength.
The Cross is our Ransom,
and the Cross is the Medicine
of our Soul.
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       Some of the variois styles of Processional Church crosses
                                                        AXUMITE   and  LALIBELA
Axumite style design
Before the crucifixion of Our Lord and Saiviour, the cross was a symbol of penalty, curse, and humiliation.
After the crucifixion of Our Lord, the cross has become a sign of spiritual freedom, a sign of peace, beauty, victory and resurrection and life for all Christians.
There is no question of Ethiopia's Christians profound love and worship of Christ.  To that end, Ethiopia has literally hundrens of beautiful designs of the Holy Cross.  Some designs are as ancient as Christianity itself.
The crosses of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church all belong to four basic styles, which represents the provinces of origin; they are the:
~ Axumite
~ Lalibella
~ Star Of King David
~ Gondor
However within these basic four styles there are hundreds of variation of designs for the large Processional Crosses used for church service, the Hand Crosses held by Priests and used for blessing
the small "Cross Toppers" for the church prayer sticks or the rods used by Hermit Monks (Batawe) They travel the country side of Ethiopia in prayer.
The Pendant Crosses worn by the faithfull and kept with them after death.  You will find pendant crosses made from hand knotted leather, bronze, pure silver as well as 18k or 22k pure African gold.
At first glance some of these crosses may look alike, however on closer inspection you will be able to see the unique variation and beauty of the love we have for the Cross of our Lord and Saviour.

The loops at the bottom of the Processional Cross is for draping the fabric which symbolizes the cloth of Eeyesus Kristos (Christ).
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, One God, Amen.